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The range of Leistung Energie Ring Main Units (RMU) is type-tested for the Australian market and is rated for voltages from 12kV up to 36kV with standard 630A busbar currents.

With the flexibility of different types of configurations, these units are perfect for compact kiosk substations. These units also come with SF6 gas to help extinguish electrical arcs and to protect the operator and equipment.

Type Test certificates are available upon request.


The DQS SF6 gas-insulated switchgear is a completely sealed and insulated medium voltage ring main unit with a voltage range of up to 36kV.

MV Ring Main Unit


  • Flexible expansion:

    It can contain 4-6 modules in one SF gas-insulated tank and each module has its own functional unit. For systems with more than 4-6 modules, the switchgear may be extended using external busbar connectors to connect every two modules or more to obtain the specified configuration.

  • Outer Operational Enclosure:

    The cabinet is made of 3mm steel plate, which is powder-coated for additional environmental protection.

  • Internal SF6 gas tank:

    The gas tank is made of stainless steel plate, sealed and welded by laser cutting and automatic robotic welding. The protection class of the tank is IP67. Live parts are sealed within the SF6 gas tank. The SF6 gas tanks are processed through synchronous vacuum and helium leak tests to ensure that they meet the IEC Standards for SF6 leakage over their 30-year life requirement. The gas tank comes with an explsion-proof vent at the bottom of the tank which is equipped with an explosion proof membrane. In the case of the gas pressure exceeding the pressure.

  • Vacuum Circuit breaker:

    The vacuum circuit breaker is a spring-charged operating mechanism. Spring charging operation is by manual or electric operation. The circuit breaker can be operated separately to the load switch, or for testing purposes can be opened or closed manually or electrically.

  • Earth switch:

    The earth switch and the load switch are mechanically interlocked to ensure that earth switch operation is prevented when load switch is closed.

  • Fuse with encapsulated isolation:

    Fuses are installed on the fuse bracket and then inserted into the fuse canister. The three individual canisters are contained within the stainless steel gas tank. The fuse canister is completely isolated from any outside environmental contaminants and is interlocked with the load and earthing switch to ensure personnel safety when access for fuse replacement is required.

  • Busbar Connection:

    A screened, specialised connector is used for the connection between each set of CKFL switchgear. The busbar between functional units can be easily connected without any special handling. This connector is made up of silicon rubber plug-in units and with a special design and testing to ensure current carrying capacity and short circuit ratings are maintained. Optional connectors can be added for cable connection in lieu of extended busbar connectors.

  • Load break switch:

    The load switch is manufactured with an anti-reflex, spring-operated mechanism. The circuit breaker and the load break switch are mechanically interlocked to ensure full fault rating of load break switch.

  • Cable Connection:

    Bolt-on, insulated cable connections are used on the standard bushing within the cable compartment. The cable termination bushings comply with IEC 60137.


Threshold then the membrane would vent and allow the excess pressure to be vented downwards, which ensures the integrity of the gas tank in the event of overpressure in the tank.

  • Single handle operation for load switch/earthing switch. The switch includes closing position, opening position and earthing position. Operation only requires one handle to control main switch and earthing switch. The mechanical interlocking between the main switch and earthing switch prevents inadvertent operation. The mechanical interlocking between the earthing switch and the front panel of the cable compartment ensures that access to the cable compartment is prevented unless the earthing switch is closed.
  • The mechanical interlocking between the operation of the vacuum circuit breaker and the three-position switch ensures that the vacuum circuit breaker is opened before the load switch can be operated.
  • Rating:

    Rated voltage max voltage up to 36kV, rated current up to 630A 50Hz.

  • Protection class of gas tank: IP67.
  • Application: Secondary distribution networks.
  • Applicable Standards:










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