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MVLV delivers switchrooms for energy, control and power distribution applications in the mining, utilities and industrial sectors, integrated with the MVLV range of switchgear products.

MVLV’s transportable switchrooms are custom designed to meet clients’ requirements and site specifications, including structural demands, transport requirements, size restrictions, fire ratings, environmental conditions and special access needs.

MVLV’s transportable switchrooms are manufactured, fitted-out, tested and commissioned at MVLV facilities in Perth before transportation to site, decreasing installation time and minimising site work.


  • Detailed design and fabrication drawings.
  • Small light and power.
  • Split and packaged air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Bolt-on landings, stairs, stumps and bracing.
  • Fire indication panel and VESDA systems.
  • Lifting points and associated lifting study.
  • Fire rated wall and roof panels.
Transportable Switchroom


  • Two-hour fire-rated floors, walls, ceilings and doors.
  • Fire deluge gas suppression system.
  • Interconnecting cabling and cable ladder (main boards, distribution boards)

    Battery and UPS systems.

  • Pressurisation unit  Communication and data systems.
  • LV and HV switchgear.
  • Design, supply and testing of interconnecting power and control cabling for switchgear, including LV, HV and distribution switchgear, VSD, UPS and PLC systems.


The MVLV standard switchroom design is manufactured and certified to these requirements:

  • AS/NZS 1170.0 Structural design:
  • General principles
  • AS/NZS 1170.1 Structural design:
  • Permanent, imposed and other actions
  • AS/NZS 1170.2 Structural design: Wind actions
  • AS 1170.4 Minimum design loads on structure:
  • Earthquake loads
  • AS 4100 Steel structures
  • AS 1657 Handrails & grating
  • AS 4600 Cold formed structures
  • Building Codes of Australia


  • Switchroom civil works and yard lighting.
  • Transportation of switchroom to site.
  • Cranage of switchroom on site.
  • Site installation and commissioning of HVAC and re testing of the system.


Fire detection and protection systems are designed to suit individual requirements.


Heat load calculations are designed to site- specific requirements. Switchrooms that require cooling calculations are available as an option.


The switchroom base frame is supported by its longitudinal PFC external members, with UB cross members and floor joists spaced and welded to exceed minimum engineering standards and prevent flexing. The base is supported by UB columns and bracing at specified heights and painted to client specifications. Our rooms are designed for both fully bolted arrangement (fully galvanized) or fully welded and painted.


The standard switchroom building floor is 18mm CFC panel with a surface finish of 2mm heavy duty vinyl tile. A two-hour fire-rated floor is available as an option.


MVLV utilises a non-combustible wall panel that offers excellent thermal insulation. Wall and ceiling panels are standard white. A two-hour fire rating on floor, wall and ceiling panels is available as an option.


Doors are heavy duty and feature stainless steel hinges, latches, heavy duty locks, emergency panic bars and closers. The standard single door size is 820mm x 2040mm and the double door size is 1440mm x 2400mm. A removable access panel and a two-hour fire-rated door are available as additional options.


  • Switchroom light and power sub- circuits are installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3000-2007.
  • GPOs and light switches are labelled with IPA studs.
  • Cables are sized in accordance with AS/NZS 3008.1-2009.
  • Earthing is in accordance with AS/NZS 3000-2007.


  • Internal fluorescent lighting is installed in accordance with AS/NZS 1680.0-2009.
  • Internal emergency lighting with battery backup is installed to comply with relevant Australian Standards.
  • Exit lighting installed in compliance with AS 2293.1-2005.
  • External lighting and control are available as an option.


  • Resuscitation chart.
  • High voltage warning signage at each entrance Fire extinguisher signage as per Australian Standards.


Operations and maintenance manuals are supplied with every switchroom, which include the following documents:

  • As-built drawings of the switchroom layout.
  • Structural certification documents.
  • All inspection and test sheets.
  • Electrical certification documents to Australian Standards.


To allow suitable entry for power and control cabling into the switchroom and switchgear, gland plate and drop box entry systems are utilised. Gland plate systems also provide dust and water ingress protection. Bolted couplet bulkheads are available to support mining and heavy industry plug and cable systems. A fire-rated cable entry system can also be supplied.

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