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The range of Leistung Energie switchgear is type-tested for the Australian market and is rated and designed for voltages of 3.6kV up to 40.5kV and up to 2500Amps.

Air-insulated metal-clad switchgear (AMS), designed in Germany, is fully metal-clad, air-insulated, arc-proof and of a proven compact and safe design.

The LV control chambers are designed to suit all brands of protection and control relay equipment and can be customised to clients’ requirements.

Leistung Energie AMS has supporting type-test certificates which are available for viewing upon request. From this base, MVLV designs, engineers and provides after sales support to the full range of switchgear.


The AMS range can be used in power distribution systems for power plants, utilities and all industrial purposes with for transformers, motors and capacitor banks, etc.

  • AMS is a state-of-the-art switchgear jointly developed by German and Chinese experts.
  • AMS is equipped with the next generation cassette-type withdrawable embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker (VEP).
  • It figures a high speed earthing switch with short circuit making capability.
  • Built from ALUZINC sheet metal with double bending and riveting fixing technology, the AMS range possesses mechanical strength and anti-corrosion structural properties which meets the operating requirements in the most critical conditions, such as offshore oil platforms and nuclear power plants.
  • Optimised electrical field and electrode screen technology are adopted to achieve high insulation reliability.
  • AMS has a cable compartment with ample space and a cable connection height of up to 800mm.
  • AMS is designed with an interlocking system which provides the highest level of safety for operating personnel and equipment.
  • AMS features inspection windows for both circuit breaker and cable compartments through which the position of the withdrawable device, status of breaker and the condition of the cable connection can be easily observed.
  • AMS can be equipped with traditional or integrated protection devices, as well as traditional CTs and VTs.
  • AMS is a safe and reliable switchgear which has been widely accepted by various industrial sectors around the world.
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In addition to the cassette-type withdrawable VEP embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker, AMS can also be equipped with a SF6 gas-insulated circuit breaker, a fused-contactor, a load-breaking switch, an isolation truck, and a VT truck, in accordance with individual system designs. The complete structural frame of the AMS range is fabricated using high precision assembly jigs, therefore achieving high dimensional accuracy and mechanical quality.


The enclosure of the AMS series is designed with an ingress protection degree of IP4X as per IEC 62271-200. The metallic and earthed enclosure protects personnel against contact with live parts and against contact with moving parts inside the switchgear panel. It also protects the switchgear against the penetration of foreign objects which could cause a severe short-circuit fault on the system. Manufacturers must strive to prevent, under all circumstances, faults in switchgear installations in which internal arcing may occur. However, such faults cannot be completely prevented in all cases. For this reason, in most countries around the world, the internal arcing test is compulsory for medium voltage metal-clad switchgear. As a result of its metal-clad design and its sturdy hinge and door-locking system, the AMS series has successfully passed the internal arcing fault test in all three high voltage compartments.


On the top of all three high voltage compartments, the AMS range is equipped with pressure relief flaps which will open automatically to the rear side of the switchgear in the event of over pressure loading due to an internal arcing fault in the corresponding compartment. The pressure relief flaps prevent the following risks which could endanger the operating personnel or extend the effect of the fault to the whole switchgear system:

  • Burn-through of barriers to adjacent compartments.
  • Burn-through of partitions to adjacent panels.
  • Parts of switchgear flying off.
  • Securely closed doors and shutters being forced open.


The AMS range is equipped with a comprehensive system of preventative mechanical interlocks to protect the equipment, operation and service personnel from the dangers of maloperation. The interlocks are designed to prevent:

  • A closed-circuit breaker being inserted into or withdrawn from the service position.
  • A circuit breaker being closed when not in the service or test position.
  • A circuit breaker being racked into the service position if the secondary contacts plug has not been fitted.
  • Insertion of the circuit breaker into the service position or withdrawal from the service position if the door of the circuit breaker compartment is opened.
  • Closing of earthing switch when the circuit breaker is locked in the service position.
  • Opening of the cable compartment door when the earthing switch is in the open position.
  • Disengagement of the secondary plug from the socket when the circuit of the switchgear is equipped with shutters in front of the spout breaker.


Both cable and copper bar can be connected into the switchgear from the top and bottom side. 12kV AMS can be installed against the wall of a switchroom, as all components inside the switchgear can be accessed from the front or top side. This means that all the commissioning and maintenance requirements can be carried out from the front or top side of the switchboard.


The AMS series is designed for cassette-type withdrawable VCBs. Each cassette is designed to save space inside the switchgear and eliminate any negative impact to the movable electric couplings between the circuit breaker and switchgear panel caused by irregular installation of foundations. Therefore, reliability of the temperature rise on movable electric coupling points is maintained, which is a critical point for all withdrawable switchgear.


The control and metering cables inside the AMS series are installed in a separate and metal-screened channel, so that the electrical and magnetic interfaces between high voltage path and secondary cables are avoided completely. This construction also provides a barrier between the high voltage conductors and the digital protection equipment located in the metal-clad and earthed compartments.


The AMS range is designed for universal applications in the field. 12kV AMS can be equipped with VEP-embedded pole VCB, load break switch, or fused contractor for different applications such as with distribution transformers, capacitor banks, station transformers, and motor starters. 36kV AMS can be equipped with VEP-embedded pole VCB, FEP SF6 gas circuit breaker, load break switch or fuse link truck for station transformer applications.


Besides basic incomer and feeder panels, the AMS range has a comprehensive variation scheme to satisfy the various system configurations of any power distribution system. The main functional schemes are as follows:

  • Basic incomer and feeder panels equipped with VEP cassette-type withdrawable embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker. For 36kV AMS, SF6 gas circuit breaker are also available.
  • Bus coupling panel equipped with VEP cassette-type withdrawable breaker. For 36kV AMS, SF6 gas circuit breakers are also available.
  • Bus riser panel with bus link truck for isolation of bus coupling panel.
  • PT panel equipped with fixed or withdrawable installation potential transformers and fuses for bus bar voltage metering.
  • Special metering panel equipped with withdrawable or fixed installation potential and current transformers with high accuracy, especially for kWh metering.
  • Station transformer panel can be equipped with fused link truck or load break switch.
  • 12kV AMS fuse-contactor for panel equipped with a withdrawable fuse-contactor combination, used as control and protection equipment for transformers, capacitor banks and for frequently switched motors. The 12kV AMS fuse-contactor panel is completely compatible with the AMS vacuum circuit breaker panel.


The AMS range has a number of high-quality components and additions to assist the end user, such as service trolleys, space heaters, and earth switches. The majority of the components are readily available to minimise downtime. Leistung Energie AMS components can replace any GELPAG switchgear.

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