LV Switchgear

MVLV Power Solutions design and manufacture Low voltage switchboards and are proud to announce the arrival of the M Series Motor Control Centre, the M Series has been designed and type tested to the new AS/IEC 61439 Standard.

The switchgear and control gear assemblies have been designed to be used as multi-purpose with both feeders and DOL control gear modules which are inter changeable and customised to meet our customer’s needs.

Please refer below for photos of our new switchboard construction, further details per the attached Brochure, with key points listed below.

Please contact us should there be any requirements for further information.

Certifications & Ratings:

  • IEC Type 2 coordination for motor starting assemblies to 85kA.
  • Short circuit protection to 85kA on all outgoing feeder and starter units.
  • Short circuit protection to 85kA sustained for 1 second on both horizontal & vertical bars.
  • Short circuit protection to 65kA sustained for 3 seconds on the horizontal main bars.
  • IP43 Dust and Water Ingress Protection Rating.
  • Form of segregation approved design to Form 3B / 4A.
  • Limited Arcing Fault verified in accordance with AS 61439 Annex ZD requirements.
  • Special Arcing Fault tests undertaken in addition to Annex ZD requirements on Main Bars, Distribution Bars and ACB load side terminals.
  • Fully Type Tested Assembly to IEC / AS 61439 at 100% continuous rated current.
  • Operational voltages of up to 1000VAC with 8kV impulse withstand confirmed.
  • NATA and ASTA certificates available upon request.